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Why Do We Need a Comprehensive District Design?
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Why Do We Need a Comprehensive District Design?

Why Do We Need a Comprehensive District Design?

This page contains archived information regarding the CDD. All presentations and models are for historical purposes only. For current information and plans, visit https://www.cdd.mpls.k12.mn.us/


The current structure of Minneapolis Public Schools deprives a significant number of students of a well-rounded education. Too many of these are children of color and immigrants to Minnesota. This is contrary to our mission and vision to ensure that every child -- regardless of their race, country they come from, or neighborhood they live in -- graduate MPS ready to excel in higher education and their careers. 

Instead, the way MPS currently operates – from student placement to academic programming – will perpetuate contrasting academic outcomes between student groups.

We fundamentally believe that continuing to do nothing, tinkering around the edges, and maintaining the status quo is unacceptable. Closing the achievement gap at Minneapolis Public Schools requires us to critically examine the foundation of our district, question long-held assumptions about public education in this city, and take action that addresses the roots of systemic racial inequities in public education and works to combat institutionalized racism at all levels of the organization.