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Extreme Weather Update
Tuesday, May 10, 2022 8:40 AM

As the weather warms up, we will monitor the forecast and plan for excessive heat. Excessive heat means:

  • Heat index of at least 105 degrees F for more than three hours per day for two consecutive days, or
  • Heat index of more than 115 degrees F for any period of time, or
  • Heat index of between 91-103 for three consecutive days or more

We will do what we can to keep our buildings cool as well as consider using an inclement weather e-learning day (of which we have 4 available days remaining) at the superintendent’s direction. If an inclement weather e-learning day is called, messages will be shared via emails, robocalls and texts. Please remember that devices should be coming home with your student daily so they can be prepared for an e-learning day.

Thank you for helping to create a safe and healthy learning environment.